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About MIIF

About MUIT Incubation & Innovation Foundation

MUIT Incubation & Innovation Foundation

MUIT Incubation & Innovation Foundation is a platform dedicated to nurturing and supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of start-up enthusiasts by creating a healthy atmosphere for the development of their ideas, start-ups, and research into successful entrepreneurial companies. This addresses the growing need for cultivating innovative company concepts. Our programmes help founders develop their ideas and convert them into lucrative businesses by providing a friendly environment, mentorship, and resources. They give you access to industry experts who may provide useful insights, contacts with possible clients and investors, and finance sources. Incubation programmes continue to play an important role in creating the future of entrepreneurship, with a strong emphasis on innovation, collaboration, and growth.

The major objective is to spark individual entrepreneurship and encourage forward-thinking business concepts with significant potential for advancement.

The Department of IT & Electronics, Government of Uttar Pradesh, has designated MUIT Incubation and Innovation Foundation as an incubator.


MIIF Vision


MIIF strives to empower individuals to challenge the norm and revolutionize existing business, objectives, and knowledge for a better world.

MIIF Objectives

  • Encourage entrepreneurs to transform traditional family businesses into modern, hands-on businesses.
  • To assist entrepreneurs in completing the process of creating ideas and converting them into a business venture.
  • In partnership with MUIT's Incubation and Innovation Foundation (MIIF), it aims to enable students to develop entrepreneurial skills through on-the-job learning.
  • To assist entrepreneurs in generating information-driven initiatives and safeguarding their business structure.
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  • +91 9140749488

  • Lucknow Campus,

  • Sitapur Road, P.O-Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Lucknow-226013 (UP)