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List of Startup Incubatees with MIIF

List of Startup Incubatees with MIIF

Incubatee startup
S. No. Entity name Business Idea Contact person Contact number Contact email Detail
1 SKYWART-EDU Ed-Tech platform Farhan Quazi 9936930509 View More
2 Creationhub Multimedia Private Limited Autocation- Automobile Industry Sunny Srivastava 9506500007 View More
3 CMP Home Service Pvt. Ltd. One call based- online integrated services Subham mishra 8924868750 View More
4 Mscrapper waste Management private limited Waste management Deependra Mani Tripathi 9235398008/05224331161 View More
6 Anulipi Technologies and Systems Pvt Ltd App based Technology Arun kumar 9792972380 View More
7 Garurd E-commerce Yash Kumar Gupta 8090710520, 8299474784 View More
8 Tex 3D Innovatives Private Limited Customized manufacturing Abhay Kumar Sharma 9791028374, View More
9 Shubhvastram Drycleaners Pvt Ltd Garmet Upkeep management ZUBAIR AHMAD 9415796168 ZUBAIR@VASTRAM.SHOP View More
10 Lord Shiva’s Third Eye Consulting Service Pvt Ltd IT product consulting Jata shanker Tiwari 88605156038 View More
11 Smartx Edutech Private Limited Online educational Courses Rating services Manish 9453483848, View More
12 Kaushal Teleportation Lab Private Limited Mass Teleportation Prashant Chauhan 8587960326 View More
13 JRDC Engineering Private Limited Decapping of LPG cylinder AMIT VERMA 7080564729 View More
14 Lazlo Software Solution Private Limited Training, mentoring for career building Santosh Rai 9451060092 View More
15 Proeins Solutions LLP Artificial Intelligence based service Platform AJAY UNIYAL 9997285684 View More
16 GoodwillPrime Pvt Ltd Chikankari-Handicraft consolidation through grassroot level workers Arif Hasan 07985048727, 9919140302 View More
17 Sriatharv IT Solutions Pvt Ltd Computers Manufacturing Puneet Nigam 8957670827, 9415276907 View More
18 SHAURYAPRABHATINFRATECH Computers Manufacturing SAURABH KUMAR 9871164655 View More
19 FUTURE TECH EMBEDDED SOLUTIONS (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED IT and Enbedded Systems Mayank Mani Singh 9451701011 , 9170577289 , View More
20 DEYHAAT CONNECT LLP Pico Grids (Solar Energy) Sunit Kumar Arya 9810511358 View More
21 VAYANSH MOTORS (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED E-Vehicels Vaibhav Sharma 8588990118 View More
22 M/S Vidyom (Ads Made Sense) Digital Advertisements VISHAL SINGH 9415329960 View More
23 Feeding TrendsPrivate Limite Social Blogging Yash Srivastava 8090497228 View More
24 V.R Green Pvt Ltd Eco-Friendly Products Vikas Shrama 9650 497007 View More
25 Agro Medics Aeroponics/ kunal Dixit 9170985781 View More
26 Sahind Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Edtech/ I.T Services / Mr. Ayush Srivastav 6307910429 View More
27 Orimmos Pvt. Ltd. Foodkart Mr.Dharmendra Yadav 7355447456 View More
28 Applination Softech Pvt. Ltd. I.T Services Mr.Sudhanshu Mishra 9415089800 View More
29 1Ansah Pvt. Ltd. I.T Services /A.I Tools Ms.Sumita Raj 9451543426 View More
30 Animist E-commerce Ms. Anushka Srivastava 9455175096 View More
31 Shiksha Saathi Pvt. Ltd. Edtech Ms. Archana Jaiswal 7355138464 View More
32 Prakir TheFinAcademy (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. Financial Education Mr. Praveen Kumar 8887422792 View More
33 Nivesh Profitpulse LLP CRM, sales marketplace Mr. Vishal Gupta 9044610644 View More
Students Startup
34 Life Cycle E-bike sharing Mr Himanshu Sharma 7079769743 View More
35 Sakshat E-commerce Ms Anushka Srivastava 6387365273/9455175096 View More
36 PA edu care Online Education/Coaching Pranshu Awasthi and Anand Singh 8423000147, 9140531648, 0522-3561568 View More
37 Modern technology smart LED and Lighting Nehal Ahmed 9151494446 View More
38 Anupam Bharti Personal Digital Document Assistant and health care management Anupam Bharti 8792179390 View More
39 E-commerce Swapnil Srivastava 8840728322 View More
MSME Startups
40 Surface Paints Paints Mr. Suyash Singhal 9335978167 View More
41 Macedon Luminous Paint Mr. Purnananda Roy 84799 06289 View More
Startup Alumni
1 Vacham Info services Private limited Astrology based professional expert counseling Dr Shambhu Dayal Mishra 9532773488 View More
2 Skrillo Global Technologies (OPC) Private Limited (SGTPL)  Interface for better customer service in Insurance sector Abhishek Singh 7800849501 View More
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